better than nothing

Posted on September 15, 2010


Rahsaan Patterson – genius, SANGer, and one of my favorite artists – has been posting unreleased tracks all week. I can’t stop listening to this one entitled “better than nothing.” It’s listed as a demo, circa 2000 and tagged to Van Hunt and Ra-Re Valverde, both exceptional artists in their own right.

It just gives me peace; smooths me out. And I love the tonal contrast between his funky lead and the background vocalist. She feels like this shard of silk just fluttering in and out, rubbing up against the melody and breezing about.

He also posted one of my old favorites which I managed to snatch a few years back when he posted it as part of a free EP on his myspace. It’s called “taste” and it’s part of my “if i were ever a stripper, i would show out to this” soundtrack. (No, but I’m so serious. That’s a playlist on my mp3 player.) (Don’t judge me.)

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