Posted on October 3, 2010


Oh, October. Not only is it a lovely autumnnal month but it’s the heavenly home to one of my favorite astrological signs, the Libra. A fellow air sign for this Aquarian, I’ve always felt a particular connection with the bearers of equality. So imagine my surprise at reading the following tidbit about Aquarius/Libra compatibility recently on a website. I just happened upon it and this was what it said. Word for word. I totally didn’t change a thing.


Aquarius and Libra:

Libra will find the love they have been looking for with Aquarius. Aquarius will see adventure, excitement and relief from boredom with beautiful and charming Libra.

Indeed if you are a same-gender loving male Libra there is no other option for you but an Aquarian lover. Bookish, writerly types who host sporadically updated blogs – on WordPress dot com – are particularly spectacular matches for you. You are very tall, dark and handsome and he is just pretty fucking awesome all around. In fact, in a city full of millions of really attractive people this particular match will leave you so completely emotionally and sexually satisfied that you’ll never dream of even looking at another. Not without, like, MAJOR regret.

With the coming new moon you will be propelled to whisk this made-in-heaven match off to a night of endless shrimp at the Red Lobster followed by a new feature at the AMC. Something light-hearted yet sentimental. It’s weird, but that’s what the stars say. Plus Aquarians really like shrimp. So it’s a win-win.

To be blunt, the truth is if you don’t RUSH OUT right this second and SNATCH UP this AMAZING Aquarian you may spend the rest of your life, ALONE and MISERABLE, regretting your REALLY DUMB mistake and eating reduced sugar Duncan Hines frosting straight from the can to numb your emotional emptiness. I mean, it happens.

Your key words for the month are: FAN, MOODY and BOX. Just meditate on those for a while and see what they do for you.


A tad strange, I know, but there it is in black and white. And if the astrologer says so, it must be truth. Those people never tell what you want to hear just because. Right? Right.

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