Dear Jon Kortajarena

Posted on February 7, 2011


Dear Jon Kortajarena,

The only reason I bought the film “A Single Man” is to watch you smoke. Languidly, sensually, lusciously smoke. As the foggy curl stretches itself against the curve of your lips, groping its way past your warm amber eyes and finally dispersing to meet the hazy afternoon sky just past your thick, masculine eyebrows which suggest a wanton disregard for fastidiousness but also bring to mind running one’s hands through the freshly tilled loam and bringing it up to inhale its deep, funky essence.

Okay, maybe it’s not the only reason I bought the film. I mean, sure, it is an evocative and sensitive story told with insanely good art direction, gorgeous cinematography and finely tuned performances.

But mostly? It’s about your lips.

So, anyway, no biggie. Just thought you should know that.

In consideration of adopting the habit of tobacco,

the moody box fan

(P.S. – Call me.)