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Dear Jon Kortajarena

February 7, 2011


Dear Jon Kortajarena, The only reason I bought the film “A Single Man” is to watch you smoke. Languidly, sensually, lusciously smoke. As the foggy curl stretches itself against the curve of your lips, groping its way past your warm amber eyes and finally dispersing to meet the hazy afternoon sky just past your thick, […]

Attention: Mike Leigh, a film non-review review

January 26, 2011


Attention: Mike Leigh Your films, dear sir, torture me. And for that I am extremely grateful. “Another Year” won’t leave my mind, two weeks after seeing it. Like other of your films, it resonated with the almost stupefying silence of the boredom of humanity and our everyday “getting on with it.” You play with us […]

Dear Ruth Goodman

January 18, 2011


Dear Ruth Goodman, I am completely and actively devoted to you. Can I be you when I grow up please? Many of my fellow countrymen probably have no idea who you are, and that’s a shame. I myself only recently discovered Edwardian Farm because of my newly born and overwhelming fascination with the Edwardian period […]

Dear Sookie

August 19, 2010


Dear Sookie, Sit down, girl, let’s talk. Look, I’m gonna try not to be too judgmental here. First of all, I know you spent most of your life with copious amounts of peroxide seeping into your skull – which can never be good. So your decision-making skills may have been affected by the sustained brain […]

“Things don’t have to be true to talk about ’em, you know.”

August 15, 2010


A few days ago Amazon sent me a gift, a gift I paid for but, never mind, it felt like Christmas anyway. I received a DVD of the 1986 film ‘night, Mother starring Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroft, written by Marsha Norman and based on her Pulitzer-prize winning Broadway play. Big deal, right? A DVD? […]

In which the fangs are exposed.

August 11, 2010


Anyone who knows me slightly, even if only via online presence, knows that I am a big fan of the television series True Blood.  It’s just a confluence of so many things I love: good writing, Alan Ball, the supernatural, quirky characters, a strong queer presence and bitchy dialogue.  (Those last two inevitably intertwine.)  And, […]